Terms and Conditions for Agents

  • Appointment of an agent is target oriented. After an initial period of 6 months, the agent has to assure annual business from the territories.
  • The agent will be involved, right from enquiry generation to order finalization and payment realizations. All Industrial Areas will be regularly followed up for mutual benefits.
  • We will provide all technical details, catalogues, etc; for sales promotions.
  • We will expect regular communications, at least once in a week, about the pending matters etc.
  • All offers against detailed requirements, will be sent to the client with copy to the agent.
  • Orders will be booked on our name only.
  • Regular advertisements will be given in the agent's territory incorporating agent's name also. 25% cost of such advertisements will be borne by the agent.
  • Our payment terms are generally 20% advance, balance against the documents through Bank. However, the same can be relaxed to some extent, depending on mutual discussions.
  • In pump, we are having standard model, and a fixed price list can be furnished for your reference and commitment. The characteristic curves can also be given. However, please note that, the selections of proper pumps will depend on a lot of factors viz: pressure, capacity, chemicals details, mechanical seal, selection etc. For this, specific recommendations whenever desired, will be given/advised by us.
  • The commission structure for the pump is as follows:
    • 7.5% on pump and base plate, coupling price
    • 5% on mechanical seal price
    • 5% on motor price
  • You will note that, the mechanical seal and motor being bought-out items, we cannot part with more discounts. Commission will be payable on realization of full payments from our clients. The above commission structure is applicable for our process pumps.
  • For tender enquiries, or wherever, for bulk pumps, if we have to give very competitive offers, to get the order, the commission structure will vary and can be informed against tender offers only.
  • The payment responsibility will be taken by the agent for the Principals amount as well as for retentions. Form `C' collection and follow-ups also will come in your scope.

Please go through the above and send the confirmations along with your organization details to enable us to give an appropriate feedback.